Aug  2018

A Perfect Place For Corporate Catering – Dine And Wine

The arrangement of your corporate events must be perfect. Your corporate guests must be invited to a nice place and offered the best foods and drinks. We can arrange this for you. Since White Rabbit is the best cafe in Sydney CBD, you can be assured to have the best experience regarding your corporate catering with us.

What To Expect Corporate catering is different from a wedding reception or birthday parties. People come to corporate parties with various mottos. Some come with a target of achieving some new business ventures and some come to meet new people with a business perspective. Some companies arrange such parties to motivate their employees and achieve bigger goals in business. No matter what their targets are, one thing they all need – delicious foods and good quality drinks. White Rabbit is ready to serve them with all. Great Ambiance Apart from food and drinks, your corporate guests must be looking for another thing – a great ambiance. This is the reason you must be serious about the matter of venue hire while looking for the best cafe in Sydney. The cafe that offers the best breakfast, lunch and dinner can have the most interesting and charming ambiance for your corporate guests too. Come and visit the White Rabbit Cafe once before you book our place for your corporate party. We have more than 50 seats, including the inside and outside seating arrangements. Our dining room has a temperature-controlled cured meat display, a wine cellar and a private ambiance – perfect for any corporate lunch and dinner. This elegant and well-lighted place can make your guests feel happy and comfortable. We can offer you the perfect venue for your sophisticated corporate parties within your budget. The affordable cafe style ambience of this place blends with hand-crafted delicious dishes that are the perfect example of a fine dining style. Last but the least, the location of this cafe makes it a perfect destination for such kind of parties. This is located right in the heart of the financial district of Sydney; on the corner of two very busy street of this area. Please feel free to call us and book this venue for your corporate events and let us serve you.

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