Aug  2018

How To Decide On Your Breakfast Before Going To The Office

Sometimes it becomes very tough to have a proper breakfast at home before leaving for the office. In most of the cases, you miss it and need to have it outside. In such situations, it is important to know about the top places near your office where you can have a good and healthy breakfast within your budget. The White Rabbit can offer you the best breakfast if your office is in the Sydney CBD area.

No more discussions on what to eat in breakfast or where to find healthy foods for that? Come and have your seat here. We would love to offer you the best breakfast menu in this location.

But, wait. Do you have confusion about choosing the right dish for breakfast? Do you want to know what could be the best breakfast for you? Well, follow this blog.

Your Body Weight

The menu which is good for your friend may not be useful for you because both of you have individual metabolism and body structure. Hence, do not copy your friend or partner in this matter. Choose your breakfast menu as per your body needs, health condition and weight. However, healthy food can always be included in your breakfast to get the best support for your stomach at the beginning of the day.

  Your Reason For Eating Breakfast  

Yes, you have read it right. Your reason is important here. Why do you want to have the breakfast? Is it to give your stomach a nice start in the morning? Or is it because you want to intake some specific nutrition through this? Do you want to keep your stomach full for a long time? Or do you wish to just break your night long fast? Choose the dish carefully on the basis of the reason for eating breakfast. If you just want to have something to break the fast then go for some eggs or smoothies. In case you wish to have a healthy and full of nutrition start in the morning, then you must consider having some salads with lots of carbohydrate, protein and vitamins. Eating some fruits can also be good for those who love to start the day in a healthy manner. But if your main concern is your tastebuds then try some pastries and breakfast burgers at The White Rabbit.


It is not only about what you are eating at breakfast. Rather; it is also about where you are eating. Not all the cafes can offer you a perfect breakfast that will satisfy your health needs and make your taste buds happy too. Hence, come to us and experience the best breakfast in Sydney CBD. Dishes like smoked salmon in miche or ricotta pancakes can help you to have a wonderful start before going to the office. Bring your friends or colleagues with you. We would love to serve you with fresh and unique food items for breakfast.

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