Sep  2018

What Can Be The Best Salads For Lunch?

Do you wish to have some fantastic mixture of health and taste for lunch? Would you love to have something in your lunch which will fill up your stomach but control your fat and calorie intake?

Why don’t you try a bowl of salad every afternoon? You can try different salad menus at every alternative day to eat healthy and stay fit. White Rabbit comes with an awesome salad menu for the people of Sydney CBD.

Our restaurant is successful in collecting some brilliant reviews from our customers regarding our mouth-watering lunch menus which include the best salads as well.

Poached Chicken Salad

Try something absolutely healthy and tasty here. We serve nicely cooked chicken with green beans, toasted sesame seeds, and almonds to satisfy your taste buds.

Warm Lamb Salad

If you have tried chicken last week, then this time you can raise your hand for lamb in your salad menu. We serve nicely cooked lamb with zucchini, peas, mint, radicchio, and chickpeas. The lamb is warm and it can be a perfectly healthy lunch during a cold winter in Sydney.

Tea Leaf Smoked Salmon

If you wish to get something really different and unique at our restaurant then please try our Tea Leaf Smoked Salmon. We add radicchio, watercress, fresh herbs, green beans, brioche croutons, creme fraiche to this dish to make it your favorite. This salad dish satisfies the taste buds of our customers.

Some of these dishes can be added to your breakfast menu as well. There are nutritionist and dietitian who consider salads as the best breakfast for those who wish to lose weight and stay healthy.

If you too wish to experience some of the most authentic and delicious salad menus in Sydney CBD, then visit White Rabbit once. You will have the best salads in this area here.

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